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Finally! A Fighter for the People! Someone to Represent Us!


"There’s a forward-thinking, visionary, courageous and creative candidate running for Congress in New York’s 12th Congressional District, and if Sander Hicks makes it there, he wins for all of us." - Wiki Politiki

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A Progressive Democrat Challenger to the Establishment

What I Will Do For You:

Bail Out Main Street - Not Wall Street.
100% Student Debt Forgiveness.

New Deal Green Economy - Federal Money to start new businesses and non-profits that serve the public interest.

Regular Town Halls: Deep Listening, More Democracy

Power to the People: National Vote-by-Mail

Dark Money OUT of our Democracy.

No More War on Oil-Rich Muslim Nations

Heed the National Popular Vote: Quit the Electoral College


Sander with Comedian/Writer Steve Bhaerman on Wiki Politiki

"Please join us for this enlightening conversation that will help us achieve a 'deeper state' of understanding. You might even be moved to support Sander Hicks’ campaign because truly, if he wins we all do." -Steve Bhaerman

Rep. Maloney: Too Extreme on Israel-Palestine.

War with Iran?

Hell, No! Diplomacy is the Answer. We lay it out, in our new policy paper.


"Into the Streets Vs. Endless Wars"
 Sander at the October 7 Peace Rally! This campaign is about practicing a new form of deep listening, and that's exactly what Candidate Sander did, interviewing a bunch of interesting peace activists at the October 7 March and rally:

I am especially inspired by peace activist Kathy Kelly - who loves me right back, and endorsed me for Congress, in this video interview we did at the Vigil for Yemen, in Union Square.

Public Interest Capital? What's That?

Watch a quick one minute video on how the people can use capital, instead of getting used by big money:


Democratic Primary, NYC, June 26, 2018

What's the Action Plan? Here are the Top Ten Issues:

  • Start a public interest venture capital bank to directly fund new ventures in the public interest.

  • Racial Justice:  It’s time for the Confederate monuments to come down. They send a message to people of color that white people care more about honoring the history of slavery.  It's time for all police to wear cameras, and to make their activities more transparent. It's time for more civilian oversight power over police power abuses. End all racial profiling.

  • Healthcare: Free Medicare for All. Period. Healthcare is a right.

  • Impeach Trump:  Before he starts a nuclear war.

  • Organized Labor -  Fair Deal for Labor: I support a $15 dollar federal minimum wage. For example, in my company we don’t pay anyone less than $15/hour.

  • Audit the Defense Budget - I support a U.S. military budget that has been adjusted to a level comparable to Canada, Britain, and France.

  • Affordable Housing- We need to enlarge tax breaks to developers to incentivize the creation of more affordable housing.

  • Let’s make peace. End Islamophobia. Commonalities in all religions can be used create unity and peace among diverse peoples. American military actions should cease immediately in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Russia and in the South China Seas

  • Climate Change - As a licensed contractor, I have personal experience doing flood remediation work in Rockaway and S.I. and Manhattan. We need to save the planet and set an assertive goal to wean us off all fossil fuels by 2035.

  • Expose the US-Saudi GeoPolitical Alliance. I support the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry's new petition for a Grand Jury in Federal Court in NY, demanding a Grand Jury investigation into the US/Saudi/etc. 9/11 cover-up. End the Saudi blockade of Yemen.


A Vision for Inter-faith Understanding, Unity, Conflict Resolution, and Peace:

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