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About Stuff That Matters

Usher in an Era of International Cooperation
Stand for Peace, Because of the Truth.
Bailout Main Street, not Wall Street.
Affordable Housing, Healthcare for All.
Revive Glass-Steagall.

Be Fearless.
Join our Rebellion vs. Wall Street Democrats!

Pick Hicks, November 6.

Paul DeRienzo, host of “Let Them Talk” on Manhattan Neighborhood Network cable TV, hosts Sander Hicks for a lively 1/2 hour interview.

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June 23: Live Event!

Help get a maverick peace activist get on the ballot in November. We are running as independent progressives, against the corporate Wall Street Democrats. We need your help as a volunteer - to help gather petitions.


Can you join us June 23, in Tompkins Square Park?


It’s fun to meet new people and see what people care about. A lot of people are happy to hear that there’s a progressive alternative to war, and big money power. We have bold ideas about stuff that matters. We have policies for peace, affordable housing, bailout Main Street, not Wall Street.  


Our Office is 929 337 6099 - or RSVP on Facebook.

Sander Hicks in a Press TV Debate about the UN Report that claims Trump's 'cruel' measures are pushing US inequality to dangerous level.


We Reject Lies about Syria!

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has never been proven to have used chemical weapons on his own people. A MIT study of the 2013 Ghouta incident concluded that the Syrian government could not have been responsible. This month, the same is true.

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Bold New Policy on Stuff That Matters:

Affordable Housing, Syria, and Guaranteed Basic Income.

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A Progressive Democrat Challenger to the Establishment


Abolish the Electoral College.


Affordable Housing through Crypto-currency


Hands off Syria, Stop the War on Islam, and Investigate 9/11.


See More Issues.


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Run Tulsi Run!

Sander Hicks with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) at Unrig the System Summit, New Orleans, LA, February 2018.


Join our Rebellion against Corporate Democrats!
Pick Hicks

Independent Progressive - Nov. 6

Paid for by Hicks for Congress.