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Dear Friend,

I know you see the future, the brighter possibilities created by blockchain technology.

Now, let’s take action.

Let’s create a future in which technology and crypto-currencies bring monetary power and transparency back to the people. Together we can radically re-write the definition of money, capital, governance, states, and nations. The wave is already building. Just last month, the City of Berkeley, California, announced plans to use an "Initial Community Offering" to give the people of that city the financial power they deserve to pay rapidly rising rent costs.


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What can we do to give the new digital currencies more political power? We can elect candidates who get it.

My name is Sander Hicks. I am running for US Congress. I’m an award-winning business innovator, as the founder of three successful ventures. I’m the maverick who took on the Bush Campaign in 1999, as the punk publisher who told the truth about the NeoCons and Wall Street. I published two books that told the truth about 9/11 and the untrackable international capital flows used by the U.S. Deep State. I am challenging the corruption, and today am focused on unseating Rep. Carolyn Maloney (a crony of Hillary Clinton) by running for US Congress, in a high-profile district that spans Manhattan, Queens, and north Brooklyn. Rep. Maloney supported the Iraq War and is a product of the Goldman Sachs old guard. We can do better.

New York City is the financial capital of the world, a hyper-fast, global city. We are a leading hub of technology innovation. New York City’s US Congressional representatives need to be bright leaders pushing the country to develop a people’s currency.

I am the one committed to this. New financial technology and new currencies create a legitimate alternative to crony capitalism, failed Wall Street economics, and bailout-prone central banking. Blockchain technology can also unlock massive economic potential in a variety of industries. It can be a tool for democracy and voting. It can help save America.

I’m asking for the support of members of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, in New York and beyond, to help propel our maverick campaign to the ballot this November. We need 7,000 signatures by July 31. We need to raise funds to make sure we get there. We are not Johnny-come-lately politicians shilling to early Bitcoin investors for support -- I’ve been learning about cryptocurrency since attending a Bitcoin conference in San Jose, in May 2013. I even wrote an article about this experience, Liquid Revolution: How Bitcoin Will Change Your World.

We are a grassroots campaign, and we need your support. We need it now, in this moment. If you share our vision for the future, please consider donating to our campaign. Even fractions of coins help. You can send to our wallet addresses below, 

Bitcoin:  33pGWbzWJZ8aHe4feReRKAHoCQbRiz7TAW

Bitcoin Cash:  qp8xcnvaysgzqynfkcpsaaaajdaxpheycqc85dpkx8

Ethereum: 0xB85A3B7467668C4f9C79A7076Fe9a987a95F10CE

Litecoin:  MNnS7rzZGn5y7HdcSsV5CuXdtJv3v1hyMM

The limit on individual donations is $2700. Larger donations could be received as well, but they would have to go directly to our separate Blockchain Political Action Committee, which is technically independent of our campaign.

Our Coinbase account is directly linked to the Hicks for Congress bank account at Citibank. We are in compliance with the FEC.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, and your support.

Now let’s change the world.


Sander Hicks

Independent Progressive for US Congress

Specifically, see this appeal online here:

Recent Democratic Primary Winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sander Hicks at Brand New Congress, Washington, DC, November, 2017.