Sander Hicks is honored to be endorsed by long-time 9/11 Justice advocate, and Victims Family liaison, Les Jamieson.

Anthony Donovan, film-maker of "Good Thinking: The Documentary" about all the activists seeking a nuclear-bomb-free world. I personally endorse this film - and may it inspire you as it did me.

Creator of the "Satyagraha" 9/11 WTCTowers living sculpture costume, Ross Muir is a genius activist, using strong visuals to convey a message of peace, and 9/11 truth. From the sacred turf of Ground Zero, he endorses Hicks for Congress, here:

This is a powerful interview with grieving father of 9/11 victim Bobby McIlvaine, Bob McIlvaine. This guy has a huge heart, and used his grief not to call for personal revenge, but to bring more transparency into the world. This version below is under four minutes, longer version (18 min) available here.