Why did Trump Win?

The political establishment was utterly shocked that Trump won. They all assumed that a corporate, pro-War hawk like Hillary Clinton would win easily. They were wrong. They under-estimated the discernment of the American People.

Any real Democrat could have beaten Trump. We the people, we the progressives should have put up a candidate with substantial reform values: someone who called for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, for example. Someone willing to take on Wall Street corruption, healthcare reform, money-in-politics.

But instead of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination, we know now, from leaked DNC emails, and this class-action lawsuit against the DNC, that the Democratic Establishment colluded to unfairly deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. 

The Democrats took the "safe" choice, which turned out to be a disastrous choice, to nominate the least progressive of Democrats, Hillary R. Clinton. 

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is a friend of Hillary Clinton's and as early as 2013 was urging her to run for President. Clinton's corruption, in all of its well documented forms, doesn't seem to bother Maloney one bit. 


Maloney and Clinton are the kinds of Democrats seem to put progressive values last, and appearances and "respectability" first. But the facts are that the American People are not stupid. Given a choice between Trump's maverick riskiness, and Hillary's centrism and secrecy, they chose Trump. 

Real progressives would be honest with each other - can we see our part in all of this? Who among us will be the first to admit that certain assumptions about Hillary's electability were just flat out wrong?