OK this is a slightly longer version of the Action Plan on the home page, with a few more links, and a few more ideas, too. -Sander


Here’s Our Top Ten Positive Action Proposals:


  • Let’s start a public interest venture capital bank - that will directly fund new ventures in the public interest. Let’s support small business and open up opportunities for capital, networking, and growth. [Read more on this here.]

  • Healthcare: Free Medicaid for All. Period.

  • Impeach Trump - Before he starts a nuclear war on a whim, or a Tweet.

  • Audit the Defense Department Budget - We are wasting money on a Pentagon budget that is grossly over-funded, non-transparent, secretive, and unaudited. Congress recently proposed a defense budget of $640 billion, which was $37 billion more than what President Trump proposed. We need to look at some of the top most wasteful programs, such as these.

  • Let’s make peace. End Islamaphobia in US Foreign Policy: Stop targeting Shi’ia Muslims and threatening Iran in the Middle East.

  • Declare that Peace is Possible in the Middle East and Israel: Form a Middle East Peace-making team in the name of interfaith organizing, using the three major world religions that emerged from these lands: Judiasim, Christianity and Islam.

  • Let’s stop helping the Saudi monarchy starve the people of Yemen. Our US Air Force planes are currently re-fueling Saudi jets which bomb the cranes that are attempting to bring in humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicines to a decimated population.

  • Let’s support the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, an important new organization, currently filing a Petition for a Grand Jury in Federal Court in NY, asking for a Grand Jury investigation into 9/11. And yes, this IS a way to break with business as usual - a US Foreign Policy that kow-tows to the wishes of the Saudi Royals, the Israeli Likudniks, and the far-right political establishment in the USA.

  • Integrate refugees - not only should the USA continue to be a home for refugees from across the world, we should work harder on integrating the skills they have and help to integrate them into the information-age economy.

  • Investigate Bush/Bandar - President Obama released the “28 Pages” which were the secret financial documents of the 9/11 attacks. They implicate Bush’s friend, Saudi Prince Bandar, in being involved in financial support of 9/11 terrorists Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi. This issue is hot, having been covered by 60 Minutes, and having inspired the JASTA legislation which was passed by Congress last Summer, over Obama’s veto.