People Power

Regular Town Halls: deep listening, more democracy

National vote-by-mail

Dark money OUT of our democracy!

Heed the National Popular Vote: Quit the Electoral College

Economics for the People

Bail out Main Street - not Wall Street.

100% student debt forgiveness.

New Deal Green Economy - Federal money for innovative businesses that serve the public interest. We can start a public interest venture capital bank to fund new ventures in the public interest. Let’s support small business and open up opportunities for people with capital, networking, financial literacy, and skill-sharing. [Read more on this here.]

Healthcare Now!

Healthcare: Free Medicare for All. Healthcare is a human right. 

Impeach Trump

His racism, sexism, and misogyny are pathological. His business dealings are illegal. I don't want to raise my sons in an America where it's permissable for the Commander-in-Chief to brag about sexual assault. That is a moral disgrace, and letting it slide makes our society less safe for women.

Peace is Powerful.

No more war on oil-rich Muslim nations

Audit the Department of Defense budget - We are wasting money on a Pentagon budget that is grossly over-funded, non-transparent, secretive, and unaudited. We need to look at some of the top most wasteful programs, such as these.

End Islamophobia in US Foreign Policy: Stop targeting Shi’ia Muslims and threatening Iran in the Middle East. End the Muslim ban.

Peace is possible in the Middle East and Israel: Form a Middle East Peace-making team in the name of interfaith organizing, using the three major world religions that emerged from the region: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Let’s stop helping the Saudi monarchy starve the people of Yemen.

Integrate refugees - not only should the USA continue to be a home for refugees from across the world, we should work harder on integrating the skills they have and help to integrate them into the information-age economy.