New Policy Statements:

Affordable Housing, Guaranteed Basic Income, Syria

from Sander Hicks for Congress 


Toni Baldi, Communications


Affordable Housing Now!

Use Community Blockchain Currency


The City of Berkeley CA recently announced plans to use an "Initial Community Offering" to give the people of that city a leg-up to afford rising rents. Rent stabilization efforts in NYC and across the country must be bolstered, and improved for the 21st Century. 

New financial technology and new currencies can help people afford housing in NYC. Bitcoin aka "the People's Currency"  is an alternative to crony capitalism, Wall Street economics, and stodgy, bailout-centric central banking. Here in the 12th Congressional District, some of the more cutting-edge cryptocurrencies, such as Intercoin, are designed to have broad progressive social impact.

Greg Magarshak, CEO of Intercoin, is an advisor to the Hicks for Congress campaign. He says, "When a community issues their own crypto-currency, it allows them to be more resilient, understand how money is being spent, and implement social safety nets in a transparent, democratic way. The cryptography makes sure that people's money and votes can't be tampered with. Crypto can be used both as a tool for democracy and for smarter money."


We recommend a Tenants Action Team be empowered to recommend and supervise the much-needed repairs at NYCHA.


Guaranteed Basic Income:

A Way to Balance the Economy in the Age of Automation

From 2000 to 2015, 5 million manufacturing jobs were lost in the USA, largely due to new automation technologies. In the near future, 46 million other blue-collar jobs, such as truck-driving, will be lost. Today, a total of 17 million Americans are out of work. Now here's the good news: we can re-design a better human society, and respond to the age of automation, and plan social transition, to take care of unemployment. Instead of a "Welfare State" we need a "guaranteed basic income" of $1000 a month, for all US Citizens, regardless of income, or employment status. This will free up more time for everyone to pursue activities meaningful to their lives. It will encourage job-creation, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship, as well as artistic expression, and volunteering. The funding would come from a new tax on industries making serious gains based on automation. "Never work a job you hate" is a slogan that all of us can finally embrace, freed from material circumstances.


Suraj Patel: Dead Wrong on Syria

In a recent debate, Democratic contenders Suraj Patel and Sander Hicks faced off at the Progressive Action of Lower Manhattan. Patel repeatedly stated that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was guilty of use of chemical weapons on his own people. This has never been proven, and a quick overview of international media proves it. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study of the 2013 Ghouta incident concluded that the Syrian government could not have been responsible. The Russian government has repeatedly asked for objective investigations of that attack, as well as the 2017 Khan Sheykhoun attack, but no investigations were ever done. The agenda for US foreign policy for too long has been regime change. President Trump deescalated things, when he suddenly stopped CIA support of rebels in Syria, in July of 2017. 

So why then is Suraj Patel still beating the drums of war? That's what you do when you claim that Syria is guilty of war crimes. This is jingoistic garbage and it is completely false. No wonder Patel voted for hawk Hillary Clinton. In the recent debate, Hicks took a courageous stand for USA non-violence as a future foreign policy. Patel said he would he would support new wars "anytime US troops are attacked."

The votes at the endorsement meeting later were overwhelming in favor of Hicks, 2-to-1, over both candidates Patel and Carolyn Maloney together. Although the official endorsement from Progressive Action of Lower Manhattan has been delayed for one month, this will be a major coup for peace, once this endorsement is confirmed.