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What is wrong with Incumbent Maloney?

Rep. Maloney:

  • Voted for the Iraq War
  • Co-Sponsored H.R. 1697, which makes it a felony to call for the boycott of Israel, restricting your First Amendment Rights to political expression.
  • Maloney was against President Obama's historic nuclear deal with Iran. Now she flip-flopped and is for it. (The first decision was probably because Maloney is very Zionist on just about every foreign policy, and probably forgot that supporting Obama's Iran Nuke Deal was common sense. For a better view of Iran, read our paper here.)
  • Blamed Afghanistan from the floor of the US Congress for 9/11, while wearing a full-length burka.
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Maloney Muni Bond Buy Scandal


In 2016, Rep. Carolyn Maloney co-authored a bill to encourage banks to buy government-backed bonds, and then bought up to $1.3 million such bonds in nearly two dozen transactions herself. The House passed Maloney's bill, which was cosponsored by Rep. Luke Messer (R- IN.), on Feb. 1, 2016. It awaits consideration by the Senate. Maloney's office insists that the purchases were coincidental and made by an investment adviser, and not Maloney, but an independent ethics watchdog called it suspicious.


Anti-Islamic? Or just ridiculous?

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Rep. Maloney donned a burka, on the floor of the House, and blamed Afghanistan for 9/11.

Yes, this really happened. Yes, she actually said these things:


"I salute the Bush Administration for balancing war with compassion."

"Mr. Speaker, the attacks of September 11 broke the hearts and boggled the minds of most every American. It left us all wondering just what kind of people would turn planes into bombs and slaughter thousands of people simply because they showed up for work. The answer is the Taliban, the terrorists among the Taliban, the terrorists they harbor, and the terrorists they refuse to surrender."
- Rep. Carolyn Maloney, October, 2001


Wait, Carolyn....Afghanistan? Whoops! We Invaded the wrong country. Sorry World! It wasn't the Taliban who did 9/11, at all. It's tough to be a trigger-happy centrist reactionary! Even in a burka. Sorry, too, to the 172,000 Afghan people we killed.

 Video of Rep. Maloney's speech, here, on C-SPAN.

Read our in-depth Opposition Research report on Maloney, here.



Larger Outline and Key Facts and Sources:

Hicks For Congress Opposition Research on Rep. Carolyn Maloney:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is out of touch with common people. Her politics are reactionary, pro-war, anti-Islamic. She does not represent the open-minded, intelligent, and compassionate New Yorkers of the 12th Congressional District.

Her time is up. It’s been 24 years. She has given nothing to the people, and has taken much.

During her 24 years in Congress, Maloney has amassed a $28 million dollar personal fortune. Yet she has given nothing to the people of New York, except war and a growing police state. She voted for Bush’s Iraq War, and for Bush’s USA PATRIOT Act.

These days, on Iran? She is right there with Trump - she voted against President Obama’s nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which prevents the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Peace in the Middle East won’t come from war-mongers like Maloney. She is so vehemently pro-Israel, she claims that Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East.” I’m not so sure the Palestinians would agree. Or the high voter turnout in the recent elections in Iran. Or the democratic uprising in the Arab Spring.

See our policy document on, we as a campaign believe peace in the Middle East is possible, and highly desirable for the US’s Foreign Interests. However, it will only come when we put a serious check into US Islamophobia. Maloney’s views here are not a part of the solution.


Rep. Carolyn Maloney voted FOR Bush’s illegal and fraudulent Iraq War

It was a roll call vote, on 10/10/2 to authorize the slaughter of the Iraqi people.

H.J.Res.114 - Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002    

According to two important legal books, this war was illegal and the perpetrators could be tried for murder, or fraud. The two recommended books are “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” by Vincent Bugliosi, and “USA Vs. BUSH” by former Federal Prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega.

I.B. - She also voted for the PATRIOT ACT

See the votes here:

Notice that her neighboring Democratic Congress members, Nadler and Velazquez, voted NO. Maloney, once again, voted with the Bush White House. Why?

“Laws that permit dragnet-style investigations of innocent Americans, without any individual suspicion, run against the grain of what America is about," said Anthony Romero, ACLU Executive Director. "If civil liberties are not affirmed now, future historians will no doubt look back with disdain at an era when neither safety nor freedom were protected properly."


II. Maloney Has Been a “Do Nothing” Congress Person:

One critic, writing on the New York Times website, in 2007 said,

 “Despite almost 15 years in Congress, Maloney has never introduced and passed a major piece of legislation, and once the Democrats re-took the House last year, her colleagues didn’t think enough of her to give her any leadership posts. Her reputation on the Hill is that she’s an intellectual lightweight.”

“Maloney has added into the Congressional Record unimportant things like congratulating a little league baseball team in Hawaii, but has never made a major speech on the floor of the House….The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Maloney sent her daughters to school not in her Congressional district but far away in Massachusetts. So Maloney did not experience what it’s like to be a parent of kids in NYC public schools. She ran away from the schools that the rest of us have to use. Some public servant.”

“On her campaign Web site for the last two elections, Maloney has listed her five most important issues. Terrorism and jobs are nowhere to be found. But she lists the Hellenic Caucus as one of the top five. That’s right, she believes that American relations with Greece is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation. Is she on drugs? No, it’s just pandering to the Greek community in Queens.”

"Maloney refuses to list on her website the lobbyists she meets with. Congresswoman Kristen Gilibrand of upstate NY has put her list up for all to see. So why doesn’t Maloney? Obviously, she doesn’t want us to see who she’s really representing."

"In the last election, Maloney didn’t send a single mailing to her constituents asking for their votes. She was so arrogant that she figured she could snub us and still win. She’s lucky that she’s in such a heavily Democratic district."

"Back in 2004, she sent campaign flyers to constituents that had more pictures of her than sentences of text. She had so little to say after more than a decade in Congress. She takes her constituents for a bunch of idiots."

"Her greatest fear is of a primary opponent. In fact, in 2004, she spent almost a half-million dollars to keep a potential opponent off of the ballot. So much for believing in democracy."

"Maloney doesn’t respond to constituent inquiries. She ignores them."

"She used to send out an emailed monthly newsletter. But right after winning the last election in 2006, she stopped sending the newsletters. They seem to come out only in election years."

"Maloney owns more property in North Carolina than she does in her own Congressional district. So much much for being a committed member of our community."

"Has anyone ever seen her in the district? She’s like a stealth congresswoman."

"Does this sound like a budding U.S. senator? She hasn’t even been a decent member of the House. We can do lots better."


III. Maloney Seems Biased on Foreign Policy: Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal and Favors Israel, mis-naming it the “Only Democracy in the Middle East”

See this policy in her own words:

"Throughout her years in Congress Congresswoman Maloney has been a vocal proponent for a close relationship between the United States and Israel. Israel is a strong American ally and the only real democracy in the Middle East."

"This claim has always been disingenuous, ahistorical, and tinged with racism. Israel can claim to be a democracy only in the sense that apartheid South Africa could also claim to be so: an “ethnocracy” with full democratic rights for the privileged race or religion; lesser or no democratic rights for those with undesirable skin color, ethnicity, nationality, or race."

"Israel became a preponderantly Jewish state, thereby gaining this veneer of democracy, only by ethnically cleansing indigenous Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and preventing to this day these refugees and their descendants from exercising their right of return to their homes as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."