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What is wrong with Incumbent Maloney?

Rep. Maloney:

  • Voted for the Iraq War
  • Co-Sponsored H.R. 1697, which makes it a felony to call for the boycott of Israel, restricting your First Amendment Rights to political expression.
  • Is against President Obama's historic nuclear deal with Iran.
  • Blamed Afghanistan from the floor of the US Congress for 9/11, while wearing a full-length burka.

Anti-Islamic? Or just ridiculous?

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Rep. Maloney donned a burka, on the floor of the House, and blamed Afghanistan for 9/11.

Yes, this really happened. Yes, she actually said these things:


"I salute the Bush Administration for balancing war with compassion."

"Mr. Speaker, the attacks of September 11 broke the hearts and boggled the minds of most every American. It left us all wondering just what kind of people would turn planes into bombs and slaughter thousands of people simply because they showed up for work. The answer is the Taliban, the terrorists among the Taliban, the terrorists they harbor, and the terrorists they refuse to surrender."
- Rep. Carolyn Maloney, October, 2001


Wait, Carolyn....Afghanistan? Whoops! We Invaded the wrong country. Sorry World! It wasn't the Taliban who did 9/11, at all. It's tough to be a trigger-happy centrist reactionary! Even in a burka. Sorry, too, to the 172,000 Afghan people we killed.

 Video of Rep. Maloney's speech, here, on C-SPAN.

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