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The US Federal Government is Out of Control.
Wars. Secrets. Cover-Ups.

Yet, the American people are waking up. Now we use words like "Deep State" or "State crimes against Democracy." We can occupy the moment, and re-make our world. We are the healers. We are the truth. It's time to dismantle the deep state, and forge a deeper state of consciousness.

Appearances on Deeper States of America Radio do not necessarily amount to an endorsement of Sander Hicks for US Congress.

"BEST OF" Deeper States: Archived Shows:

This is our show with former State Department Consular Official J. Michael Springmann, and Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry executive director Mick Harrison:


This was a more recent show with Diane Sare, and political revolutionary BernieCrat Victor Tiffany



Diane Sare

From 3-4 PM  — Live Interview on “Deeper States of America” 

I am very excited to interview Diane Sare - she’s so politically savvy, with lots of juicy stories about international politics, including the ups and downs of 25 years of organizing with one of America’s most controversial politicos, Lyndon LaRouche. 

After speaking with Diane in the pre-interview, I was surprised at how influential Diane describes LaRouche being with the Chinese, and in the Middle East, helping to create international peace and development deals.  


Diane Sare is a former US Congressional and Gubernatorial candidate from New Jersey.  She’s a writer with Executive Intelligence Review, and has a wealth of experience in national and international organizing. Her resume also includes local efforts to promote music among young people and in the greater community. She has formed and directed children's choruses in Washington, D.C., and now directs a community chorus in New Jersey.


  Victor Tiffany

Victor Tiffany

Victor Tiffany

From 4-5 PM  — Live Interview on “Deeper States of America” 

I, Sander Hicks, am a proud signatory on the “Contract for American Renewal.” This is a contract for serious social change politics, and many good candidates have signed on. So I am super proud to interview one of its advocates, Victor Tiffany.

Victor Tiffany, political revolutionary, is author of the new book "Bernie or Bust". Victor was active in the nuclear freeze campaign in the 1980s. After the Citizens United v FEC decision he became active in the movement to amend the Constitution to overturn that and all related decisions. While studying the illegitimate Supreme Court decisions that granted the rights of individuals to associations and established the doctrine that money spent on electioneering is protected by the First Amendment, he became aware of how far from the Framers’ vision the United States has become. He resides in Ithaca, NY. Victor has an MA in the Social Sciences from Binghamton University.

Check out the Contract for American Renewal:

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