National Fund-Raising Speaking Tour


Feb 2nd, Friday - 4th, Sunday:  New Orleans   

All weekend we will be participating in the Unrig the System Summit @ Tulane University, with Jennifer Lawrence, Tulsi Gabbard, et. al.


Feb 5th, Monday:  Shreveport, Louisiana or Baton Rouge

Feb 6th, Tuesday:  Dallas/ Fort Worth

Feb 7th, Wednesday:  Austin, Tx

Feb 8th, Thursday:  Midland/Lubbock

Feb 9th, Friday:  Albuquerque

Feb 10th, Saturday:  Flagstaff, AZ OR Sedona, AZ TBA - 

Feb 11th, Sunday:  Phoenix, AZ


Feb 12th, Monday:  Tucson, AZ

6-8pm - House Party for U.S. Congressional Candidate Sander Hicks at 3125 W Mockingbird Lane in Tucson. Hicks is running for the 12th District in New York City as a progressive anti-establishment peace-creating Democrat. Sander Hicks is a long-standing peace, social justice, truth & justice activist who has studied Gandhi, Buddhism, Zen, Jesus, and how to ignore government propaganda, to find the light within to work with the peace activist within us all.  Sander is in Tucson on a national speaking and fundraising tour, and will give a short talk followed by a Q&A session. Refreshments served. There is no charge but donations will be joyfullly received. Call Janet at 520-423-7345 to RSVP. More info:


Feb 13th, Tuesday:  San Diego, CA


Feb 14th, Wednesday:  LA, CA


Feb 15th, Thursday:  LA II or Santa Barbara, CA


Feb 16th, Friday:  San Luis Obispo


Feb 17th, Saturday:  Silicon Valley


Feb 18th, :  SF, CA


Feb 19th:  Marin County


Feb 20th:  Ashland, OR


Feb 21: Eugene, OR


Feb 22nd:  Salem, OR


Feb 23nd:  Portland, OR


Feb 24rd:  Olympia, WA


Feb 25th:  Seattle


Feb 27th: Denver, CO